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Transitable: The Search for Meaningful Meaning

A workshop co-produced with Claudia Rodriguez for MAZ, Museo de Arte Zapopan, Mexico, as part of the Estudio Abierto 7: Escuela de Los Comunes

June  20 - June 26, 2016


Presented at the 26th International Sculpture Conference, Pittsburgh, PA, October 16, 2016, for the panel "A place for research and cultural resistance: Interstitial Public Space: a transdisciplinary view"

Panelist: Claudia Rodriguez



You are Here: Urban Aproximations

May 28 - July 30, 2016
Oficina de Proyectos Culturales, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Exhibition information...here>>

image here>>

social servants

Acquisition 2016

Social Servants, 1989
cardboard, steel and polyurethane mounted on a hand truck 
each element measures 118 x 60 x 65 cm.

Instituto Cultural Cabañas, Guadalajara, Mexico




January 15 - February 12, 2016
Trestle Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

Exhibition information...here>>



Claudia Álvarez, Davis Birks, Nicola Costantino, Anthony Goicolea, Maximo Gonzalez, Rogelio Manzo, Xawery Wolski

May 20 - June 20, 2015
Galería Omar Alonso, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Exhibition information...here>>


Davis Birks: Paraíso en Proceso

May 28 - July 12, 2014

Oficina de Proyectos Culturales, OPC, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Exhibition information... here>>

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Heavenly Bodies

February 22 - May 25, 2014

Santa Barbara Museum of Art, CA, USA
Exhibition information... here>>

image of  Blackboard 10  included in the exhibition (500KB)...here>>


Confrontaciones y Analogías

Febuary 13 - April 3, 2014

Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Tamaulipas, Matamoros, Mexico

image of Tu Y Yo (You and I) included in the exhibition (449KB)...here>>

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Idle Hands

November  22, 2013 - January  15, 2014

Turner Carroll Gallery, Santa Fe, NM, USA

image of So Eloquent 2 included in the exhibition (500KB)...here>>

images of the installations at the Westin Regina

La Red - Social Servants

Installation views at the Westin Regina, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Sponsored by Galería Omar Alonso

March - September,  2013

 images of the installations...here>>

Artificial Turf

Artificial Turf

Galería Omar Alonso, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

February 6 - February 28,  2013

images of the exhibition...here>>



2nd International Festival of Video Creation

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico  

May 1 - May 5, 2012 

exhibition images


Galería Omar Alonso, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico  
March 21 - April 21, 2012 

images and information...here>>

The Beachcombers...here>>

exhibition images

War & Peace

Galería Nina Menocal, Mexico City  
February 21 - April 4, 2012 

images from the exhibition...here>>


Now or Never/Ahora o Nunca

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico  
October 15 - November 20,  2011... more>>

images and info of the installation PASADO/FUTURO... here>>

project Good Vibrations

Fuerzas Básicas

Museo de La Ciudad
Guadalajara, Mexico  
October 14, 2011 -  February 5, 2012

info of the project GOOD VIBRATIONS...here>>

images of the installation...here>>



Edward Cella Art and Architecture
Los Angeles,  USA
July 9 - August 28,  2011...more>>

A short video by Jim Wooden -  overview of the themes and range of works of the exhibition Topo/Graphy...view here.

ZimmerAxx Kunst Art Projects (German)

Installation A>Z

at the Monastery Ruins, Rueggisberg, Switzerland, 2011

Link to the pages of the exhibit ...more>>


Galería Omar Alonso
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
February 18 - March 30, 2011...more>>

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