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The Reconstructed Landscape Series (2019 - )



Land…the possession of, control of, and exploitation of…is a consistent preoccupation of all countries. Less, or unimportant to governing bodies, is the ecological balance and preservation of our precious Earth.

As a young artist studying the life of early landscape painters, I remember reading about how the Railroad Barons of the late 1800s in the USA, searching for a means to protect their investment, paid artists, like Albert Bierstadt, to paint the West in such a way as to inspire a migration of people who settled in indigenous lands in search of opportunity.

Would we recognize the Earth as it was back then? So much has changed.

Based on the traditional landscape painting, the work of the Reconstructed Landscape Series gives evidence to the process of a landscape created, then destroyed or deconstructed, to be rebuilt again in a distinct form.

The idea of loss and a point of no return are the underlying concepts of this series. The process and end result of these works demonstrate a simple analogy to our relationship with the natural environment  ─  we cannot go back in time to undo the damage that has already been done; we can only move forward and put back together the pieces to reconstruct as best we can.

As agent of the destructive process in the Reconstructed Landscape Series, I remind myself I am in part, the cause of the actual environmental crisis we face.

Through the process of this work the destroyed landscapes are put back together once again, each a record of its own destruction and reconstruction. 

Davis Birks


Reconstructed Landscape 2, 2019

Acrylic paint on found wood panel
18 x 32 x 3.5 cm.


Reconstructed Landscape 5, 2019

Acrylic paint on found wood panel
68 x 36 x 8 cm.

Reconstructed Landscape 7

Reconstructed Landscape 7, 2019

Acrylic paint on found wood panel
110 x 111 x 2 cm.


Reconstructed Landscape 10, 2019

Acrylic paint on found wood panel
14 x 16 x 5 cm.


Reconstructed Landscape 13, 2019

Acrylic paint on found wood panel
41 x 64 x 39 cm.


Reconstructed Landscape 31 (window 1), 2021

Acrylic paint on canvas with wood stretcher
190 x 19 x 4 cm

In this work the painted landscape is cut into sections. Then the work is mounted facing the wall, extending the cut sections of the landscape out away from the wood stretcher to create an empty window, the landscape outside the frame.


Reconstructed Landscape 35, 2021

Acrylic paint on wood panel with painted wood frame
Each element measures: 47.5 x 57 x 4 cm.


Reconstructed Landscape: Inside-outside, 2021

Multimedia installation with artificial trees and grass, mirror panels, digital impression on vinyl, electric lamp, airconditioner, plastic chair, painted wood table, books (Bierstadt, Lucy Lipard), found oil painted landscape on canvas with painted wood frame, gravel, and live plants.
Dimensions variable

This artificial environment is a reconstructed idea of nature based on a found painted landscape.


Reconstructed Adjustable Landscape 3 (small version), 2021

Acrylic paint on wood panel, polyurethane, and metal nuts and bolts
Dimensions variable


Installation view of the exhibition a walk on the park: Reconstructed Landscapes, at Galería Omar Alonso, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, 2021
photo: Josef Kandoll

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Installation view of Reconstructed Landscape 39, 2022

Acrylic paint on found plywood
Dimensions variable (this installation 3m x 6m)


Reconstructed Adjustable Landscape 3, 2022

Acrylic paint on wood panel, polyurethane, and metal nuts and bolts
Dimensions variable (installation view 6m tall)



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